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 The “REACTIFLEX” Featured Product

We were doing it all wrong…Then we found the golden nugget!

Reactiflex Featured Product : A few years ago when I started taking Turmeric I thought that by just grabbing some of the spice from the store and sprinkling it on different foods I was getting the health benefits from it.

But honestly, I never really felt that much better. I didn’t understand how so many other people were getting such fantastic results, but I wasn’t.

… Until I stumbled across a little “golden nugget”.

That golden nugget is called BioPerine.

You see, what most folks like myself weren’t understanding is that unfortunately, when you’re simply ingesting Turmeric with food, your stomach acid dissolves it before it can really make it into your intestines.

… And that’s where it needs to get to in order for all the magic to happen.

The scientific term for this is called Bioavailability.

Recently, doctor’s have discovered that when you mix Turmeric with BioPerine, which is an extract from black pepper, that it increases the bioavailability of the Turmeric Curcumin by up to 2000%.

When I came across this information it was like a light bulb going off in my head!

…”This is what I’d been missing all along”.

After taking it I began feeling much healthier.

And that’s why we now include it into our Premium Grade Turmeric Curcumin dietary supplement.

I don’t want you to waste the time, and money, that I did figuring out how to include Turmeric in your daily routine.