Green Coffee Bean w/Svetal 800mg

 The Gold Standard in the Nutritional Sciences and Sports Research – Slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream and stimulates release of Leptin to make you feel satiated! Perfect for those looking to lose weight quickly and safely. Weight Loss 2

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RF Burn

RF Burn is an natural supplement containing properties that aid in energy and focus. It works to increase muscle strength, fat metabolization and increase mental acuity. This Megathom weight loss supplement is the perfect supplement for those looking for a high quality thermogenic and lipogenic fat burning supplement Weight Loss 2

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Rasberry Ketone Ultra 600mg

This all natural blend of vitamins and minerals have been shown to aid in boosting the bodies metabolism and help with the effects of diabetes.  It also helps the body to burn fat and prevent weight gain.

Using Raspberry ketones , can aid in increasing the breakdown of lipids contained within fat cells and raising the body’s temperature to assist in fat loss. In addition to being a good source of fiber, Raspberries also are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Produced in easy to swallow caps. Weight Loss 2

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Saffron Pure 88.5mg

Saffron Pure provides many natural remedies including relieving pain associated with asthma, menstrual cramps, toothaches and heartburn. Containing one of the highest plant concentrates of riboflavin and safranal a natural antidepressant. Produced in veggie caps.

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White Kidney Bean

If you eat a high-carbohydrate diet, then White Kidney Bean Extract may be one of the best supplements. This product should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regimen; however, it is very effective for individuals who eat a high-carb diet. It works by blocking the enzyme alpha-amylase, which is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates and turning them into sugar. Blocking this enzyme improves how the body metabolizes carbs, lowers the glycemic index of many foods, and boosts your overall weight loss.

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White Mulberry Leaf Pure 500mg

The extract from the White Mulberry leaves aids in managing cholesterol levels, lower high blood pressure and treat and reduce the risk of diabetes.  In addition, it helps to protect the immune system to assist in losing weight.

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